​​​​​​​Science Programme at HNIS

  • The 'Living World' and
  • ' Planet Earth and Beyond' strands are to be taught by  the class teacher during their inquiry lessons


     The 'Material World' and the 'Physical World' will be delivered as a specialist subject, within the technology cycle.

At HNI, students will develop an understanding of the key concepts investigated in relation to the physical phenomenon studied (e.g. movement, forces, static electricity, magnetism, light, and how energy is transferred to other forms of energy.)

Use scientific language to express their learning. Investigate physical phenomena using the scientific method and practising process skills. Being organised (working with a partner) and following the steps, asking testable questions, making predictions, testing, careful observation, measuring, recording, presenting and concluding.

Contribute to group and class discussions showing scientific thinking/awareness and curiosity. Increasingly students will become aware of the 'Nature of Science'.Explain how scientific knowledge / phenomenon has been applied to the design of technologies and comment on how it has changed the world and how we do things.

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