​​​​​​​HNI offer a number of different choirs options each year depending on the students.  Typically this is a Year 8 choir and a Year 7 choir.  In addition, a special choir is selected for Kids Sing Competition.   

Kids Sing Competition

The main focus for the special choir is the Kids Sing Competition at which HNI choirs perform very well, regularly earning medals. Enjoy   HNI Voices Kids Sing performance 2018 and HNI Voices Kids Sing performance 2017

Kids Sing Competition results : 

2020- HNI Silver medal - Adjudicator's Award

2019 - HNI Gold medal

2018 HNI - Silver medal                                                                                                                                                                        2017 HNI - Gold medal

2014 HNI - Gold medal
2013 HNI - Gold medal