Student Leaders - House Leaders, Class Councillors & Sports Captains are appointed for each class and house.

Year 8 House Leaders - 3 per house

This is a year-long position. To be a positive role model and ambassador who demonstrates our school values of Responsibility, Resilience, Empathy, and Respect. To be confident, enthusiastic and committed to the house system encouraging healthy competition within the school. To liaise and converse with staff, students and the wider community.

Duties include:

  • Responsible for running House Hui with support from classroom teachers - this may include lunchtime meetings

  • Come up with new and exciting ideas for House Hui

  • Represent the school at community events

  • Tour visitors around the school

  • Assist with open evening

  • Participate in leadership programs to develop HC qualities

  • Lead and support the House in a variety of House Competitions - including lunchtime sport

  • Encourage participation and House spirit during House competitions and school-wide events

Year 7 & Year 8 Class Councillors 

Class Councillors are an important group in our school. Each class is represented.  Class Councillors are appointed for 1 cycle of 2 terms ( Cycle 1 = Terms 1 & 2; Cycle 2 = Terms 3 & 4 ) with 2 cycles per year.

Duties include:

  • Help with the House & School Assemblies
  • Organise fundraising initiatives to support our community e.g. Wig Wednesday, Puppy Bikkie Day, Pink Shirt Day
  • Organise mufti days & bake sales to support local community groups e.g. SPCA,  Fire Brigade, Daffodil Day
  • Attend Student Council meetings representing their class & provide feedback.
  • Develop Student Council initiatives on behalf of their student cohort. 
  • Attend the Open Evening
  • Greet and thank visitors in the school
  • Duties allocated by the Class Teacher e.g. lining up the class, supervision, lunch eating
  • With the Deputy Principals visit the Contributing Primary Schools
  • Masterton Exchange Host/Hostess
  • Support Inter-House competitions
  • Be positive role models for students around the school
  • Model HNI expectations e.g. behaviour, uniform, attitude, application, fair play
  • Lead sports groups during whole school competitions e.g. athletics, swimming, cross country
  • Help with the organisation for class lunchtime sport & activities
  • Referee lunchtime sport when needed
  • Support teacher during PE e.g. organisation, equipment
  • Support teacher with organised House Sport afternoons