Much time and consideration is given to the forming of classes ensuring a complete balance. Students work in their homeroom with their teacher for most subjects although there is regrouping for some subjects such as Music, and Technology subjects - students may have a different teacher for these subjects.

There are four houses at Havelock North Intermediate (see below). Each class is made a combination of each house and families and whānau continue house connections over the years. There are house events, swimming sports, athletics sports, waiata, cooking competitions, and technology challenges that are spread across the year to build team spirit and the skills and values associated with competition, winning, and losing.

The Houses are named after famous New Zealanders:

Sheppard (Red) - Kate Sheppard

Nepia (White) - George Nepia

Te Kanawa (Blue) - Kiri Te Kanawa

Hillary (Yellow) - Sir Edmund Hillary



All students will have the opportunity to have regular homework set by their teachers. A recent community survey highlighted that some families prefer not to support homework, with about half agreeing that homework is important. 

It is HNI’s view that homework can be an important link between home and school and when carefully crafted can support students to talk with their families about their learning, practice and revise learnings and organise their time. No child should have more than 2 hours of homework a week, and the homework should be able to be done without fuss or impact on family life. Please respect a child’s right to be involved in outside activities and to have relaxation time - our survey indicated that this was very important for our families. 

Classroom teachers will canvas the wishes of families to have or not have homework at the start of each year and we respect the choices they make. No homework should be set for holidays. NB: No student should ever be punished for non-completion; this includes being kept in at lunchtime. If you are concerned about non-completion then have a chat with the student’s teacher to find out what the barrier is. Homework should be achievable for each student and reinforce classroom learning.

  • Appropriate homework includes but is not restricted to: 

  • 20 minutes reading 

  • Maths Homework tasks

  • Basic facts 

  • Finishing school work