The school office is open from 8am to 3.30pm Monday to Friday during term time


Monday to Friday 8.45am to 3.00pm.

Students are permitted in the school grounds from 8.15am.

Bell Times - Monday - Friday

8.15am Entry School Grounds 

8.50am Period 1 ( Communication)

9.50am Period 2

10.50am Morning Interval

11.10am Period 3

12.40pm Lunch

 1.30 pm Period 4

 3.00pm Dismissal


Our uniform is Schooltex, available at The Warehouse, Hastings. This uniform is to be worn by all students.  

Shoes are to be plain, sturdy and mostly black. A small white design such as a tick, or white soles is acceptable, but no colours please!  Socks for girls are white ankle socks, and the uniform black socks with green stripes for boys. We would like all boys to have one pair of our striped socks for formal occasions,  but plain black calf length socks are acceptable at other times.

Sandals are preferably black, but brown is also acceptable.

The school hat is available for purchase at the office. Families may choose to purchase a wider brimmed plain black hat (not cap) if they prefer. 

Thank you for helping us to present our school well,  by showing pride in the wearing of our  uniform.

Permission Forms

Permission forms will be either sent home with students or available via the school app. We collect general permission for local walking visits at the time of enrolment, however if you do not wish your child to go on a local trip, please let the teacher know when you are informed of the event.