Class Music Programme

The school's Music Programme offers a number of opportunities for students to develop and extend their talents. The aim of our School Music Programme is to expose students of all abilities to a range of musical experiences, in an attempt to extend their musical knowledge. The school places great emphasis on this and performance to an audience.  Aspects of the programme include:

  • practical music
  • basic music theory
  • music history

Music Tuition Programme 

Students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Professional music tutors teach flute, guitar, cello, brass, percussion, clarinet, keyboard, violin, saxophone and the bagpipes. There is a charge for these lessons but it is far cheaper than private lessons. We also have some instruments that students can hire for the first year. Please refer to the Music Tuition pamphlet enclosed in the enrolment pack.  

Orchestra and Symphonic Band

 Each year we have an excellent Orchestra and Symphonic Band. These groups provide the opportunity for those students who have been learning a musical instrument for 2 or more years to practise and perform together. The Orchestra & Symphonic Band perform at formal occasions at school as well as join in the yearly Masterton Cultural Exchange.

Hawkes Bay Festival of Bands Competition results : 

2019 HNI Symphonic Band - Silver medal                            2018 HNI Symphonic Band - Gold medal                          

2017 HNI Symphonic Band - Silver medal                            2016 HNI Symphonic Band - Silver medal    

Rock Band and Ukulele Orchestra 

Students are able to join a rock band and ukulele orchestra to develop their performance skills. 

Hawkes Bay Bandquest Competition results : 

2018 HNI 'Thunder' Rockband - 2nd overall; Joint Vocalist Award; Musicianship Award; Killer Guitarist Award 

Music Theory Class 

There is an opportunity for students to attend a music theory class. Students work towards the ABRSM exams. There is an additional cost involved in this activity.

Cultural Exchange with Masterton

This exchange with Masterton Intermediate School is a much-enjoyed annual occurrence for over 25 years. 

Big Orchestra Play In Day 

HNI host an annual Hawkes Bay Big Orchestra Play-In Day for young musicians throughout Hawkes Bay to collaborate & enjoy creating music together.  Now in its 8th year, around 150-250 students & music tutors enjoy specialist instrument workshops as well as mass orchestral pieces.  A highly enjoyable experience for all involved.