2021 Beyond Honours 

2020 Beyond Honours students 


From 2012, the Beyond Honours award is our very highest award.  Students who have received their Honours award in the first 5 weeks as a Year 8 student are eligible to apply to take part in the Beyond Honours programme. The programme offers our outstanding students the opportunity for leadership, community service, personal development and growth.  Students have the support of both a school and a community mentor. Applicants must then present their project to the Beyond Honours Panel.

Congratulations to our outstanding students who have completed their Beyond Honours programme.

2012 - Florence Mills, Ellie O'Keeffe, Meg Gallen
2013 - Julia Bennett, Jenna Tidswell
2014 - Eli Lesperance, Molly Lee, Phoebe Leake
2015 - Will Tidswell, Oscar Moriarity
2016 - Connor Grant, Georgia Kain, Holly Renwick, Ruby Roberts
2017 - Kiana Pohe-Bright, Ollie Sowman, Renee Thompson
​​​​​​​2018 - Sofia Lumbreras, Charlotte Cole, Bridget Grant, Wyatt Horsfall, Zoe Congalton                                                                2019 - Tayla Hook, Will Leary, Yasmine Tiedemann                                                                                                                      2020 - Niamh Horsfall, Ariana Grace                                                                                                                                                      2021 - Thea Holm 

2022 - Brooke Speers, Francesca Vial, Maisie Simpson 

2022 - Brooke choreographed a dance routine and coached students at Havelock North Primary School to be performance ready for the annual Hawkes Bay Dance festival; Francesca coached a netball team and organised a tournament for Te Mata School and Maisie coached and trained runners to prepare for cross country championships at Te Mata School 

Congratulations to Dario Rotondo who has qualified to participate in Beyond Honours 2023. 

We may have more students eligible to join by Week 6, Term 1 2023.

2022 Beyond Honours students 

2018 Beyond Honours students

2019 Beyond Honours students