Maths at Havelock North Intermediate is about promoting curious learners and catering to individual needs. We have very high expectations of all our learners in the maths programme, and mathematical concepts are often met again in the Inquiry focus, giving the opportunity for their authentic application. 

Our school programme follows the achievement objectives outlined in the New Zealand curriculum and is supported by digital resources available to every student. The purpose of studying maths and statistics is for students to develop their ability to think creatively, critically, strategically, and logically. 

At HNI we aim to provide the students with the opportunities to have fun with their problem solving while offering both supportive and targeted maths workshops to ensure all abilities are catered for.

Students with mathematical abilities have opportunities such as 

  • Mathletics team competition
  • Mathletics - Statistical Investigation
  • Mathletics - Scale Drawing
  • ICAS  Maths
  • Otago Problem Solving
  • Australian Mathematics