Year 7

Students will focus on working with plastic. They first design and make a simple key tag: in making this they develop an understanding of the properties of plastic and how to work with this material. The students are then introduced to the technological process and the process of developing a product. They draw concept ideas and develop their design to a final solution such as a holder for an electronic device such as a cell phone. .

Year 8

Students will be working in wood or plastic and will focus on developing a product. The aim is to further develop their understanding of the technological process. The students develop the skills of design and visual communication as they develop their concept ideas.  They then model their ideas as a form of testing and trialling before finalizing their chosen idea. If working in wood the students make a final solution such as a container for an identified use, a  wooden mechanical toy. 

Year 8 Wooden Mechanical Toys ​​​​​​​