We love our bright, practical and comfortable uniform - reflecting the blue of our skies and the green of our land!  

Uniform items are available to purchase from NZ uniforms 819 Heretaunga Street, Hastings.

  • Polo top

  • Polar fleece 

  • Boys' shorts 

  • Girls' shorts 

  • Black tracksuit pants can be worn. No other colour on the tracksuit pants is permitted and these tracksuit pants are not to be worn for PE. We advise that in terms 1 and 4 tracksuit pants are not worn.

  • Black tights may be worn with the skirt and shoes in terms 2 and 3

PE and Sports:

  • PE shorts or cycle shorts (black, no logos) worn at school, but not to or from school. Only one layer - not cycle shorts AND PE shorts over top. The cycle shorts must be no longer than the knee and no shorter than mid-thigh. Our PE short is a length that is appropriate for school and the activities within our curriculum. 

  • PE top (worn at school, but not to or from school)


Sandals: We prefer students to wear plain school-style black sandals for summer, although brown is acceptable. 

Shoes: Students should wear lace-up black school shoes or sneakers. The laces must be black. The shoes are all black and have no colour other than black.  No coloured soles, please. High basketball style shoes (high tops, chucks) are not to be worn or slip-on shoes. 


When shoes are worn,  boys' socks are 3/4 socks black with a green band. We are happy if boys have one pair of school socks with the band for formal situations and wear plain black 3/4 socks at other times. Of course, they may wear the green striped socks at any time. Formal events would be when representing the school eg. KidsSing, and prizegiving ceremonies. Girls' socks are folded over, white short socks as pictured below: these must be visible above the shoe line. Please, no sports socks that are low cut or socks with any colour other than white.

Hats and Caps:

School hats and caps are available at the school office and are expected to be worn every day in terms 1 and 4.  If you would prefer your child to wear a wide-brim plain black hat, please feel free to source one as these are not readily available from our supplier. Names can be written or embroidered on the outside at the back or using the inside label to prevent hats from going missing.

Hair and Jewellery:

If hair is long enough to sit on the shoulders it should be tied back with dark-coloured hair ties. Black or brown headbands are permitted. Plain hairstyles are expected, with fringes being clear of the eyes. Black or hair-coloured scrunchies (plain, undecorated) can be worn.

Jewellery is limited to:

  • One pair of plain metal (silver or gold) studs or sleepers- no stones no colours, no dangly earrings, animals, shapes, cuffs etc. NO FACIAL PIERCING.

  • Earrings are to be worn in the lobe only. ONE PAIR.

  • One wristwatch - smartwatches are not to be worn during assessments/tests.

  • Taonga - Cultural (e.g. bone carving, pounamu), religious (e.g. Catholic cross, Hindu shakti) - at HNI there is a right to wear the appropriate items without prejudice or bias - Taonga is best kept underneath clothing during Technology classes - should be removed for PE & Sports lessons, all due to safety for not being caught and or ripped off; protecting the wearer or those interacting with you if in a physical capacity. The same should apply to watches in PE/Sports in contact activities (as observed in competitive sports too where referees will often check items aren't being worn). Taonga can be worn on the outside of clothing if not at Tech/Sport. School students have a right to express their Tikanga. It’s also in recognition of the Treaty of Waitangi guarantee and obligation to protect and promote. It is the responsibility of the wearer to look after their Taonga - this may mean wearing it under their clothing during intervals and lunch if running around and involved in active play. If there is any misunderstanding or misinterpretation of religious intent, this can be explored further and clarified between the classroom teacher and home. Please contact the school office should you have any queries.

Make-Up and Nails:

No make-up, including eyelash - fake or extensions and coloured lip glosses or nail polish / fake nails, are to be worn at school. Contact the school office should you have any queries.

Sun Safety:

The Hawkes Bay sun is very strong.  We insist that hats are worn outside in Terms 1 and 4.  Sometimes events take students outside - class trips, sports events, our school athletics and swimming sports etc.  We ask that parents talk to students about the dangers of sun exposure and supply hats, over-shirts, rash shirts, sunblock etc. Whilst teachers discuss these precautions with students and sunblock is available - we also believe there is a degree of personal responsibility in keeping oneself safe in the environmental conditions here.​​​​​​​


We do not have a school pool but we do have water-based school days like the Colour Run and trips to local pools etc. It is the school rule that bikinis or two pieces are not to be worn.  

Non-uniform days:

Occasionally the school has a non-uniform day/night and a gold coin may be collected to raise funds. Students may dress in their own choice of clothes but these must be school and age-appropriate. Showing mid-riffs, wearing shortie shorts and crop tops and make-up are not considered to be school-appropriate.


Stationery can be purchased from the school office.