Languages link people locally and globally. They are spoken in the community, used internationally and play a role in shaping the world. Oral, written and visual forms of language link us to the past and give us access to new and different streams of thought and to beliefs and cultural practices.

Learning a new language extends' linguistic and cultural understanding and their ability to interact appropriately with other speakers.

At  Havelock North Intermediate students are offered an additional language to learn and its related culture. Students come to appreciate that languages and cultures are systems that are organised and used in particular ways to achieve meaning. Students are provided with cognitive tools and strategies to learn further languages and to increase their understanding of their own language(s) and culture(s).

Te Reo Maori

All students spend time learning and using Te Reo Maori with their homeroom teacher.

​​​​​​​French, Spanish and Japanese are often offered as elective options. 

Students who take Kapa Haka will practise

  • te reo,
  • waiata,
  • haka and
  • te reo kuri.

MUSIC!  Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Rock Bands