Food Competitions


Food Technology is lots of fun!  It is a place where students love to come and learn. Students are introduced to the technology process using food which encourages a variety of outcomes. Lessons are based on healthy eating and all students are encouraged to work safely and hygienically.

Masterchef Challenge  

All students compete in a Masterchef Challenge with their cooking partner, to find the Masterchefs in their Tech group.

  • Year 7 - Mystery Box Challenge
  • Year 8 - Creativity Challenge

Year 7 Students  

Learn skills, to encourage confidence and success both with small and large equipment. Making small meals, and various snack foods e.g. scones and pizzas. In developing these skills students will be testing and trialling a variety of ingredients, sweet and savoury, and modifying these to design, develop and manufacture their own unique pizza product.

Year 8 Students  

Will be further developing their practical skills to make functional and healthy food products that can be recreated at home.  Students will develop and make a range of healthy food outcomes to encourage students to incorporate a range of healthy vegetables into meals such as wraps, sliders, pasta sauces, fritters, omelette, wedges, salads etc.

Food Competitions

Students interested in working with food - 'Foodies' - have the opportunity to compete in a range of competitions to show their creativity and culinary flair.  HNI students often perform well in local and nationwide food competitions. 

  • Life Education - Harold's Healthy Lunchbox 

2019 - 2nd plus Most Innovative Food product

2018 - 1st & 3rd plus Most Innovative Food product

  • EIT Salon Culinaire 

2019 - Burgers (live) -  1 Gold medal; 2 Silver medals; 1 Merit; Pizza (live) - 2 Silver medals, 1 Bronze medal;        Cupcakes (static) - 1 Gold medal; 7 Silver medals; 2 Bronze medals; Quiche (static) - 2 Silver medals; 1 Bronze medal

2018 -  Pizza (live) - 3 Gold medals; Soup (live) - 3 Silver medals; Static Quiche (static) - multiple medals - Gold, Silver & Bronze; Cupcakes (static) - multiple medals - Gold, Silver & Bronze

  • Just Cook Competition 

2019 - 1st Eggs Category - Isaac A; 1st  Beef & Lamb Category - Emma R

2018 - 1st Eggs Category - Livvie C; 1st Vegetarian Category - Charlotte C

  • Hawkes Bay A&P Show Handmade Competition

2019 - multiple awards in Cupcake, Brownie & Biscuit classes