An Inquiry question is selected each term, and the social science and classroom science curriculums are delivered via this lens.

Inquiry topics offer opportunities for rich learning in authentic contexts.  These topics have the flexibility to respond to current local or world situations and student interests.  Throughout the Inquiry process students research to find relevant information, collaborate with others in sharing ideas and solutions,   experiment,  think critically to produce creative and new responses to problems and reflect on their learning. Communication findings to the audience is a vital part of the process, as is responding to feedback and showing perseverance in learning.  This is another great opportunity for our students to practice a growth mindset and to develop the skills we value.

The Inquiry process is delivered using the STEAM approach: a process that integrates the curriculum areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

STEAM approach

STEAM is an approach that promotes the solving of authentic problems and utilises the integration of curriculum areas.  Students use combinations of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. as access points to guide inquiry, dialogue and critical thinking.

Havelock North Intermediate has identified the skills of collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity and problem solving as key elements developed by the STEAM approach.