​​​​​​​During Term 2, we search for our HNIdol students.

This is an opportunity for musically minded students to show their talents and perform on stage. Interested students audition early in Term 2 to our HNIdol teacher judges, shortlisted students will then get to prepare to perform at our HNIdol Finale at the end of Term 2.  Workshop session and rehearsal is offered to help singers prepare for success at our HNIdol Finale. 

Guest judges are often local radio DJs or talented local singers.  It's always amazing to see the talent we have at HNI - see you in Term 2.     

HNIdol Results :

2019 - Overall HNIdol winner 2019 - Tori H;  Y8 HNIdol winner - Tori H; Y7 HNIdol winner -  ; Rising Star Award -   

2018 - Overall HNIdol winner 2018 - Lily G;  Y8 HNIdol winner - Ella K; Y7 HNIdol winner - Brianna W;                                Rising Star Award - Georgia W-M